SolidCore 3.0 - the next gen neg-buoyant WFE

05/03/2014 00:00

Introducing the TRUSINK, the first neg-boyant WFE featuring our latest SolidCore 3.0 inner jacket composite. Lightweight and flexible, the TRUSINK will nevertheless allow divers to achieve depths without any natural struggle or intense physical exertion. 

SolidCore 3.0 is the third generation of LifeSink's revolutionary inner jacket material and fabrication process, derived from a composite layer of silicates and ferrites, sandwiched through a proprietary heat-free process between layers of micro-shot Pb and other metals, for an incredibly light but neg-B device.

Industrial TRUSINK models will feature the necessary safety features as required by international regulations, as well as US Coast Guard product specifications, while the recreational "adventure model" (shown here) will be lighter weight and designed for less demanding environments.

TRUSINK is awaiting final product testing of the SolidCore 3.0 jacket, at which point production will begin through our manufacturing partners in the Americas and Europe.